Three Separate Openings this month for our yearly fund-raiser, The $5 & $10 opens Friday, February 9, for collectors. Our wonderful Chocolate Artist will be doing his first demonstrations in the gallery.

The Grand Opening of the $5 & $10 is Friday, February 16.
Street Painting Opening is Friday, February 23.

Welcome Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery’s newest artist, Andrew J Sanders. Andrew is owner and creator of Deep Culture Chocolate and Coffee, a company specializing in direct farmer to market with cocoa and coffee. He is bringing that expertise to the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery. He has decades of talent building experience to Jamaica where, with his brother-in-law, in Maroon Town, Jamaica they have built a unique, Chocolate business. Andrew has a direct hand in its growing, harvesting and producing chocolate as well as a special drink from only Jamaica called CocoTea. Andrew will be creating bowls, baskets and sculptures from Chocolate, right in front of your eyes, in the gallery. His art adds the wonderful sense of aroma to our interior. Come and smell the chocolate.